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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

4 Animal Species That Seemslike are Take over Earth

Humans reign supreme over other animals, there are some species that are so numerous that it looks like they’re about to take over. Although this sounds like a plot for a monster movie, these animals are actually beating us in terms of population.

Argentine Ants

Ants are known to build massive colonies, but imagine a colony that actually spans from four different continents. The Argentine ants are probably Argentina’s most common export. Experts say that these ants have spread a colony that spans through Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. Thankfully, these ants don’t do anything much that could harm humans, unlike those that spit out acid that burns your skin. Their legacy is named “global mega-colony” and is estimated to be made out of more than 22 million anthills which compose of no less than 10,00 members. That’s roughly around 200 billion ants.


Although we’d all most like swim away when we see a jellyfish, it’s going to be really hard to do that if it’s a gigantic swarm of these creatures. In some areas in japan, people are experiencing jellyfish problems. What makes it even scarier is that these specific specimen are the giant jellyfishes, often times growing to around 440-pounds. So imagine swimming into the ocean and finding yourself in the middle of a giant swarm of giant jellyfishes.  The though it enough to give you nightmares. However, keep in mind that even though they do sting, these animals are actually not that aggressing towards people. So just keep away from beaches with jellyfish sightings.

Mountain Pine Beetles

Logging activities have seriously affected our forest in the past century. However, there is a certain beetle species that’s probably as harsh to tress as we humans are. Mountain pine beetles are native to parts of North America and have happily stayed in this area. However, when they started to swept across certain areas of Canada, they killed around half of the lodge pole pine trees there, wiping out forests of these.  The beetles started to move up to Canada because of climate change. Warmer winter meant that they could survive all year-round, which increased their food intake. Various attempts have been done to stop these bugs from eating all the pine trees in the area.


Dolphins are commonly portrayed as heroes in movies, but in the wild, dolphins can actually be pretty brutal. They’re one of the very few species, along with humans, that appear to kill others purely for their own enjoyment. Gangs made up of male members would kidnap female specimens and keep them captive for months. Dolphins attacking humans are also not uncommon. Naturally, these animals travel in groups. However, there have been a few “superpods” which contain tens of thousands of individuals spotted in certain areas of the open ocean. Researchers still don’t know why these dolphins are groping by the thousands.

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