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Thursday, December 18, 2014

10 of the Smallest animals on earth

1 Satomi’s Pygmy Seahorse: this little seahorse is the smallest in the world, reaching only a length of 0.54in and a height of 0.45in.

2 Virgin Islands Dwarf Gecko: dwarf geckos are typically the size of a coin, about 18mm in length. hey are found in three British Virgin Islands, namely, Virgin Gorda, Tortola and Mosquito Island.

3 Bumblebee Bat: this tiny bat resembles a fuzzy bumble bee, but we hope you don't swat at it. It's also known as Kitti’s hog-nosed bat and you can find them in Thailand.

4 Baluchistan Pygmy Jerboa: the jerboa is one of the smallest mammals in the world and is the smallest rodent. Adult females only weigh up to 3.75g.

5 Paedophryne Amauensis Frog: this smallest vertebrate in the world is found in Papua New Guinea. A normal-sized coin dwarfs this tiny frog.

6 Smallest Octopus Wolfi: you can find this tiny octopus in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. There are about 300 species of octopus and this Wolfi is one of the smallest.

7 Roborovski Hamster: the Robo hamster is a kind of dwarf hamster, native to Russia, Kazakhstan and northern China. They are sold as pets and the smallest as less than an inch in length.

8 Royal Antelope: this little guy is a tiny species of antelope. They can grow up to 10 to 12 inches tall and weigh about 10lbs.

9 Dwarf Sloth: also known as the pygmy three-toed sloth or monk sloth, is found off of the coast of Panama. It's 40% smaller than it's mainland cousins.

10 Fennec Fox: if you want to find one of these cuties, you have to look in the Sahara of North Africa. They are most well-known for their oversized, sensitive ears.

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