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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Top 5 Most Dangerous Ants in the World

It’s easy to underestimate them especially that any man can easily step on one and kill it – no sweat. But their strength lies not in their individual prowess. Taken together – in millions – they are a force to reckon with and death at their claws would be most horrifying for any man to imagine.
Below are 5 of the most dangerous ant species said to be walking the Earth today:

#5: Paraponera
Much has been written about the Paraponera, also dubbed as Lesser Giant Hunting Ants. For sure, you won’t forget being bitten by this ant as the pain seem unbearable and lasts for a day.

Many who have survived to tell the tale says that the sting is equal to getting shot with a burning sensation like no other. Lucky for humans, only small insects get paralyzed. Fact is, a tribe in Brazil uses these ants as a passage rite to becoming a warrior putting the ant’s venom in gloves which are then bitten by those who seek the exalted status. Only the best of men survive the harrowing experience.

#4: Red Harvester Ant
Don’t be fooled by the name. Though it sounds like it’s such an industrious ant, this one is fraught with danger.

Considered one of the most venomous ants in the world, its sting will induce lymph nodes all over. A big rat – one 100 times bigger than this ant specie - stung 13 times would succumb and die thereafter.It is therefore wise to not be so dumb enough as to step on them.

#3: Ravoux’s Slave Maker
It seems these ants endemic to Europe have found the secrets of a true feudal systemakin to their human counterparts. And they’ve wield it to their advantage like a master carpenter with his tools. Noted for their skill at employing other ants to do their bidding, the Slave Maker are considered masters of the ant world.

The Slave Maker’s clever behavior is one perfected by the queen which fakes even her own death when other ant colonies intrude. No sooner is she in the enemy’s nest that her true nature is unraveled. She quickly kills the queen and proceed to produce her own set of eggs which pretty soon would overpower the whole colony. Once a territory is conquered, she will move on to find another to target.

#2: Army Ants
Endemic to Western Africa, land now-known for the thousands of Ebola patients who have died, the Army Ants are preceded by such a nasty reputation. And many think of these mighty race of ant with a certain dread. Thanks to National Geographic and Discovery Channels.

For starters, an Army Ants is like a Swiss knife-wielding ant as its mandibles are extremely sharp akin to a razor. And as it that were not enough, this ant specie has a temper to match. YouTube videos and other media outlets show how easily these ants overpower almost any living creature that crosses its path – huge insects and spiders including. And make short work of them. Its tenacity is the stuff of legends as Army Ants are known to cross pools of water by sacrificing bodies of warriors linking them to form a bridge chain. A million of these soldiers marching in the underground bushes of a forest is a sight to behold. But should never be disturbed or risk becoming dinner.

#1: Bulldog Ants
Found endemic to Australia, the Land Down Under, these ants are also called Mermacia or Bull Ants for some. Commonly, they are called inch ants for their 40mm length. What makes them terrifying is their deadly sting matched only by their overly-aggressive behavior.

Looking at them, you’ll notice their unusually-large eyes which give them a powerful 1-meter vision. What makes them op of the list is their venom which can send its victim into anaphylactic shock. What this means is anyone stung should be given immediate treatment or death could follow. Yikes! Death by ant bite is certainly not something worthy of the Guiness World Record.

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