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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Why Did Santa Chose the Reindeers Above Other Animals Part 2

1.Reindeers are natural travelers.

Reindeers travel every year up to 3,000 miles especially the long winter days and nights just to dig up some food for survival. So wild ones are basically nomads, thus, going around the world is not a new feat. They are also generally more efficient in spending their body energy compared to other land mammals, giving them lasting energy better than a horse.
2. Reindeers have good sense of smell.

So if you’re wondering how come the reindeers know which rooftop to land, they smell the cookies over the chimneys. But really, those strong nasal sensors of the reindeers can smell lichen (their food choice) even when it’s deeply covered in snow.

3. They can see ultraviolet light.

Why won’t you see Santa’s path in the sky? Because it’s lined with ultraviolet lights, not LED’s like ordinary lamp posts we have. Reindeers have the ability to see light wavelengths of up to 320 nm, while humans can only see from 400-700 nm range. This gives them the advantage of seeing through harsh and blinding white, snowy tundra.

4. Reindeers are strong creatures.

Weighing up to 250 pounds and can carry a load twice their weight. Say what?

Yes, and lifting 500 pounds per reindeer is no joke. Santa’s weight? It’s just a piece of cake.

5. Reindeers can really fly high…in their imagination.

Scientist Andrew Hanes wrote in the Pharmaceutical Journal that reindeers get by winter’s boredom by sometimes seeking out psychedelic mushrooms. The hallucinogenic fungi help them amuse themselves during long winters. I’m not sure if Santa knows about this though.

How are you going to tell this to your kids? Just stick with the magic corn given by the wizard to Kris.

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