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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

6 Cute Animals that are Actually Very Dangerous

You might think that some wild animals are cute and cuddly, but be warned. There is a reason why professional animal handlers ask you to keep your distance from wild animals and to just let them be. Some of them, no matter how cute they are, may actually be dangerous.
Below are some cute but possibly dangerous animals.

Slow Loris

Although it might look harmless, with its big eyes and soft fur, it’s actually one of the very few poisonous mammals. Slow lorises are actually quit subtle, making them common in the animal smuggling and illegal pet trade. What makes this animal dangerous is a clear toxin that it stores in its elbows. This toxin causes death via anaphylactic shock. When threatened, it mixes this toxin with its saliva. It would even lick its fur to prevent predators from attacking it.


Pufferfishes get their cuteness when they fully expand and look like a swimming ball. However, these fishes are actually the second most poisonous vertebrates on earth. Fishermen use very thick gloves when handling them. They’re not supposed to be eaten, but certain areas in japan offer these as an exotic delicacy. Pufferfishes poison can cause suffocation by paralyzing the diaphragm, and it doesn’t have an antidote.

Blue-Ringed Octopus

Another creature from the sea, these tiny octopuses look lovely with their blue rings and are even kept by a few as exotic pets. However, these animals are known to be one of the most venomous creatures in the ocean. They live in the waters around Australia up to Japan. They do bite when they feel threated, and there is not anti-venom for their poison.


Native to New Guinea and Australia, these giant birds resemble a flamboyant ostrich because of its colors. Since these birds are extremely territorial, they can get aggressive when defending their territory. They have large claws that they use to thrust forward and disembowel their targets. People are warned to stay away from these animals for their own safety.

Big Cats

These cats may look like giant versions of lazy home cats, but keep in mind those they most likely look at you more as dinner especially when they’re hungry. In the Americas, mountain lions or pumas are known to have occasional threat to small children and hikers. When mishandled, big cats can really threaten lives, so don’t think that these animals would roll-over and play with you when you go near them.


Commonly used in cartoons as a funny and loveable character, moose are the most regularly encountered and dangerous animals. Although they do prefer to keep away from humans, encounters often have bad endings. When threatened or disturbed, they often respond with aggression and charging. In fact, moose actually have more attacks on people compared to bears in a year.

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