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Friday, December 19, 2014

Why Did Santa Chose the Reindeers Above Other Animals Part 1

The facts that will be presented are scientific. Sorry to say this post contains no magical details of whatsoever as to why Santa has chosen the reindeers other than other animals, or as to why reindeers would fly every Christmas Eve, however, some facts might give you the closest answers. They might not be as magical as the unicorn myth, but once you get to know that reindeers are just like other animals, yet they also have their own magical wonders given by nature, this combination is as wonderful as Christmas itself.

A shot of warning: Must be read by adults first.
1.    Reindeers are located in the Arctic regions of the world.

If Santa has to choose animals who feel most at home in the cold to help him with his mission, the reindeer is his only choice. Polar bears can’t run that fast, and they are not domesticated. Penguins may be birds but can’t fly and certainly can’t carry any loads. Huskies are domesticated, can run, and can carry loads, but hey! Santa has gifts to give but probably no money to buy these huskies portions of steak. He loves any living creature so he’s not a fan of feeding meat so these dogs are out of the question.

Other creatures are mostly underwater. Unfortunately, Santa is not a merman so he needed a horse in the arctic region. Reindeers are the best answers. Do not underestimate their running speed, because when chased, a wild one can run up to 48 MPH.

Aside from that, they are built for the cold. Their bodies could easily adjust depending on the temperatures and even their hooves have furry surfaces to withstand the cold.

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