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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Three Presents to Give Your Cat this Christmas

Cats are definitely not boring creatures, especially when you try to give or let them do something. Who knows a video of your cat will be the next to go viral depending on the presents you give them.

Aside from catnips, here are some weirdly interesting and cute things you can give for your kitty.

Lion mane hat

What it does? Turn your cute little monster into a ferocious adorable beast. But really, this will keep his ears warm all throughout the winter. Guess you will have to give it before Christmas morning.

DJ Decks

Does your cat like to scratch on those comfy couches? Well… give them something real to scratch on while you take their funny videos and post them.

Cat Vehicle Houses

Just like how people like to live in trailers, your cat also probably likes to live inside vehicles. Show them you love them with these super cute cardboard vehicles mainly for your cat to give them an illusion of traveling in their dreams, literally.

The Evil Unicorn Horn

It says “Cats Love It!” Do they? The picture may show us otherwise but who knows how your cat will respond to this. Come on, show your cat who’s the real boss. He’ll hate you but he’ll get famous anyway.

Cat Bunks or Cat Beds

It’s “purrfect!” You can have your bed for you and so he/she gets his/her own too. Just a reminder, you might miss your naughty sleeping buddy once he/she gets separated during sleeping time.  Another thing, it might cost a bit, but admit it…it’s way too cute not to get one.

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