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Monday, December 29, 2014

Cat who made more money than Nicole Kidman

Last 2012, a grumpy cat had become viral and almost everybody with social media accounts have used Tardar Sauce’s image to share their amusements. Because of the sensation, grumpy cat has reportedly made $100 million since 2012 and still counting.

Tardar Sauce if you haven’t known yet, is the real name of the grumpy cat whose grumpy face will forever be that way because she was born with an underbite and dwarfism. She is owned by Tabatha Bundesen of Morristown, Arizona; and her first image was posted on Reddit last September 22, 2012 by her brother, Bryan.

Her online popularity grew because of the memes created from her images, which led to the making of best-selling books that led to more awards in the pet industry where grumpy cat is “the face” of Friskies, which then led to the making of a movie.

Now that she’s a millionaire, you think she’s happy? No way, grumpy cat will always be grumpy despite of her fame and wealth.  She even earned more than the Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey and one of the famous top footballers, Christiano Ronaldo for last year up to this year in terms of revenue.

You think she’s going to stop there? No, just after finishing her latest movie “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever”, her stardom will continue as she is now on a commercial project for iced coffee called Grumppuccino (you better NOT serve this coffee to your already grumpy boss).

If you want her for your project, grumpy cat will say “NO” of course, but try talking to her agent Ben Lashes, he just might hear you out.

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