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Thursday, December 11, 2014

5 Human Traits Seen in Animals

Although humans and animals are two different branches in the same tree, certain animals actually have very human attributes that may scientist use to explain how we actually started in the same beginning. Below are five very human traits that animals also have.


This comprises of activities and behaviors which aren’t genetically driven, but are found in a local population. For humans, this is seen thought practices, shared attitudes, religion, and the arts and humanities. One of the most common animals that shows a very strong practices in culture are monkeys. A number of primates develop their own traditions and cultures, and these have been recorded by researchers and zoologist. For example, a certain group of chimpanzees preform ritual when it rains or how Japanese macaques discovered how the natural hot springs in their area can be used to help keep them warm.


We have a very wide range of emotions which are mainly categorized into positive and negative. Anyone who keeps a pet at home, like a cat or a dog, are aware of how their pets can show different kinds of emotion, from happiness, to sadness and even fear. Boredom is also a very common emotion showed not only by pets, but with animals in the wild as well. Curiosity can also be seen in almost all types of animals, whether they’re domesticated or in their natural habitat. An explanation for this is that emotions is actually a way for a species to survive and those who use this trait have a better chance of population growth.


Communications is one of the most vital factors for any specie to survive. Different groups develop their own language, and it’s always changing and evolving over time. What many of us don’t realize is that there are many forms of communication. We’re used to the verbal type, which is why most people think that animals can’t communicate.   Squids, birds, primates and whales are known to have some kind of language of their own. They even have names that they individually identity to. Animals also have the capability to learn human language though association. A research on chimpanzees showed that they learned sign language after years of education.

Tool Use

A characteristic know amongst humans is how we use different kinds of tools to make our task much easier. Over the past century, the rise of technology and inventions has made our lives simple and comfortable. This is the same with certain animals, such as elephants, crows and apes. The simplest item around them, like rocks and sticks, can be used as a tool to get to food, water or even turn them into toys.  Some even use what they can find and turn them into shelter.


Lastly, animals also have the capacity to remember things. Going back to household pets, it’s important for them to remember words or cues and associate them with a command. This also goes with domesticated animals that are being herded like cattle or sheep. Crows, which are actually one of the smarts birds around, are said to have the same memory capacity as an adult human. Animals that hibernate or store food for the colder months also need good memory to remember where they kept them stock.

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