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Thursday, December 11, 2014

5 Most Beautiful Snakes

5 - Milk Snake they have smooth shiny scales and their color pattern is alternating bands of red-black-yellow or white-black-red

4 - Brazilian Rainbow Boas are brown or reddish brown. There are three parallel black stripes on the top of the head and large black rings down the back that give the appearance of dorsal blotches. The round lateral blotches are black with an orange or reddish crescent across the top.
3 - Easter Coral Snake is one of the most beautiful of all snakes. Unfortunately it is also very venomous, as are all coral snakes.
2 - Blue Racer Snake have creamy white ventral scales, dull grey to brilliant blue lateral scales.
1 - Green Tree Python is found in New Guinea, Indonesia and parts of Australia. It, along with the Emerald Tree Boa, have a unique way of sleeping. They loop one or two coils along a branch, saddle style and place their head in the middle.

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