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American Pitbull Terrier

American Pitbull Terrier
American pitbull terrier comes from a fighting dog breed and is popular in the late 19th century. These dogs are deliberately bred as fighting dogs during those times and was quite a spectacle during the reign of England's Queen Victoria.

In fact, the American pitbull terrier is a purebred (a breed that has not been crossed with any other breed). The present American pitbull terrier dog is "The Original Bulldog" which has existed since the 15th century and is the next generation of Molossus, a popular dog breed back in the Roman times.
  • American Pitbull Terrier Appearance
The American pitbull terrier has a stout body and muscular built on the outside with strong bones on the inside. It's head shape resembles a brick - and it looks like one too, tough. Their ears stand upright and their eyes are relatively close together. They have smooth and short hair making them easy to maintain and manage. The American pitbull terrier's coat usually comes in white or brown with a distinctive marking of another color on the head, feet, and part of the tail.
  • American Pitbull Terrier Temperament
American pitbull terriers are very intelligent dogs. They are very loyal dog and will always strive to please their owners. The APBT is also sweet, full of curiosity, clever, and is an attention seeker. They have a tendency to be aggressive with other dogs and animals but generally not to humans. The American pitbull terrier has a submissive nature and they are naturally suitable for use as guard dogs given their cunning ability to detect the bad from the good.
  • American Pitbull Terrier Care
Because they are short-haired, American pitbull terriers do not need frequent washing of their coats. They can be bathed as needed.

American Pitbull Terrier Pictures
american pitbull terriers
American Pitbull Terrier Image

American Pitbull Terrier Images

American Pitbull Terrier

American Pitbull Terrier Pics

American Pitbull Terrier Puppy

American Pitbull Terrier

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Anonymous said...

I just went to the dog kennel 3 weeks ago and adopted a Pitbull, I have always like the breed, and have had nothing but good experiences with them. And Never, I repeat never bought into the whole pitbull so-called reputation as nothing but a mean, aggresive, murderous dog, unfortunately my wife did and would never let me have one. However recently she has studied the dog, read articles, talked with owners and finally decided she would judge for herself, so we went to the animal shelters in the area, and I was horrified, and dismayed at the number, or percentage of pitbull terriers there were compared to other breeds, anyhow we found a male chocolate colored pitbull puppy (5 months old) that we both instantly fell in love with, so we adopted him (his name is Kobe) and from the start we have instantly fell in love with this dog, and the breed in general, he is my best friend for sure, now our kids all girls have not warmed up to him as quickly as I would like because he is a bit rough, and loves to play, especially bite, not hard mind you but he is teething, they are used to our little miniture pinshers we have so this was a big adjustment which they are still in the process of getting used too, he is a sweet, energetic, loving dog and I am glad he came into our lives, I have owned many, many dogs in my life, but I have to say this one has an immediate special place in my heart.

MeMing said...

Hey Ric! Thanks for dropping by and congratulations on your newly adopted pitbull! I'm sure you have found yourself a keeper there.

Anyhow, you are quite right with the pitbull's misconceived reputation. The same goes with other dog breeds like the Doberman and recently, the Rottweilers.

Since you now have kids (I'm thinking 5 years up), then you shouldn't have too much of a risk (no matter how far out). But for those who have babies (3 years younger), I should advise to always be cautious with their dogs no matter what breed.

Enjoy Kobe Ric!

Kenni falck smedegaard said...

this dogs are so nice

Ana Lourenco said...

I love Pitbulls, i have one myself.

MeMing said...

Glad you love them Ana! They surely are something.

Heather Stoner said...

Well we lucked into our new brindle baby. We had been wanting to get a puppy for my very energetic 10 yr old boy. As my husband was driving down the road some crazy person slowed down to about 15 miles an hour and opened their car door and let tumble out a sweet 7week old brindle boy American pit bull. So, as we say, God made the choice for us! So were are proud to say we have a pit. I hope to change the minds of a lot of people. After doing a lot of research on the breed I know now we couldn't have picked a better dog! AMMO is a great addition to our family!

MeMing said...

Hey Heather! Wow! I couldn't believe someone would be so cruel to just do that to the pup! Oh well, the world is still here because in every evil person, there is good that keeps the balance and in this case, the good was duly represented by your family! Kudos on your new member! I'm more than certain your 10 year old will have more than his hands full of him.

Viktor VISA said...

PitBull is forever a friend, better then many humans... He stay with you and never go away... "BLADE" is the name of my FRIEND, who always be in my heart... Thank´s for your dedication and love... From " VISA - Red River/Portugal ".

MeMing said...

Hi Viktor! Thanks for dropping by and for sharing Blade's memories with us all. APBT are indeed something that's needless to say.

Lerato Motloung said...

I am looking for a pet especially a pit bull, love that breed. getting one soon, but i still have to convince my woman as she thinks it is vicious. we are looking for a dog, addition to our two man family.

rob white said...

It should be Noted that Pit Bulls are also especially good with children. So good In fact in England they are Known as "Nanny dogs" due to their gentleness with them and ability to take punishment from young children without getting angry. Like most breeds of terrier they are also furiously loyal and protective of their owners and will die to protect the children of their family.

MeMing said...

Thanks for vouching for our beloved APBT Rob! I for one do believe they can be great nannies when needed and of course with the right training.

Good luck in convincing your wify Lerato!

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