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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Javanese Cat

The Javanese breed of cat is generally used to refer to Balinese cats that don't have the typical modern Balinese markings or colourings (so cats that are not brown, silver or blue).
Javanese Cat

The Javanese cat has soft, shiny fur and can often be found with features closely resembling the Siamese cat. The Javanese cat is a popular household cat around the world and adores human attention.
Javanese Cat
The Javanese cat has very social tendencies and therefore can become distressed if they are on their own. The Javanese cat is also known to be a fairly noise breed of domestic cat.

The calm and devoted temperament of the Javanese cat makes it a very popular breed of cat to be kept as a household pet, as the Javanese cat is often very affectionate towards both humans and other animals.

Due to the fact that the Javanese cat is directly related to the Siamese cat and the Balinese cat, it has picked defects as well as assets from its ancestors or though today, cats have been bred so extensively that native defects are often bred out of the breed.

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