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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

5 Animals that make Strange, Unexpected Sounds

We often have our own ideas of how things are just by how they look. But every now and then, these ideas are replaced with unexpected facts that sound too strange to be true. Take for example animals. Even the recognizable or common ones can sometimes surprise us with certain features, like the sound they make. Different species have different ways of communicating with each other and their environment. You might find that some animals sound very differently than what you’d expect.

One of the big cats, you might think that these animals sound loud and scary like their brothers, the lion and tiger. However, cheetahs can’t give out that familiar big cat roar since they only have one thyroid bone. Instead, these cats give off a sharp, chipping sound, much like what birds would make. It sounds a little odd, but they are able to reach falcon-like speeds. Also, like house cats, cheetahs can purr, which makes they very adorable.

Dogs are known to bark. But this certain dog breed which originated in Central Africa can’t seem to do so. This is because it has a narrower larynx compared to other dog breeds, which results to it vocalizing instead of giving off barks. Basenjis howl and yodel instead, making them great alarms. These dogs are also known to be very smart and are proficient hunters. They’re also stubborn and curios to the point that they might seem mischievous, so they’re better off with experienced dog owners.

Brushtail possums, which are commonly seen in throughout Australia are fuzzy, opportunistic omnivores that are known to eat plants from people’s gardens and eat eggs from bird’s nests. When possums become scared or intimidated, they make a sound that is very similar to a chainsaw. They can also make a sound similar to a barn owl screech. Possums are often used in the fur trade because of their silk-like texture and light weight.

Elephants are known to make loud sounds like trumpets, but did you know that they can also growl? They actually make this sound more often when communicating to one another. They make this sound through the vibrations from their throat and use it when organizing. Their rumbles and growls can be heard from miles away.

Guinea Pigs
Kids love them and they make great pets. For those who grew up owning one, it’s probably no surprise to hear guinea pigs make strange sounds that can only be described as a mixture of squeaking and wheezing. They often make this sound in most emotions, but negative ones are often paired with teeth chattering.

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