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Sunday, January 4, 2015

7 of the Fastest Animals in the Planet

When it comes to speed, the animal kingdom also has its own version of supercars. These animals use their ability to be swift and agile to catch prey or get away from trouble. Below are 7 of the fastest animals on the earth.

Peregrine Falcon
Birds have a big advantage when we talk about speed. Peregrine falcons are particularly fast. Although not actually fast when they fly, they’re capable of diving at speeds reaching 200 mph. these birds basically act like they’re skydiving when they swoop down for dinner. Any prey that catches their eye usually doesn’t have enough time to run for cover.

Frigate Bird
Unlike the peregrine falcons that are only fast when they dive, the frigate bird actually flies fast. Reaching speeds of 95 miles per hour, they fly about as fast as cars on a highway. Their uncanny ability in flying is supported by their large wingspans. Some of these birds would even stay up in the air for over a week.

Sail Fish
The sail fish bags the award for fastest animal in the sea. They can reach speeds of 68 miles per hour. Sail fishes usually grow to about 4 feet long, but some specimen has reach lengths of 9 feet. They’re prized game fish and are known for their incredible jumps. They use their characteristic sails to make themselves look bigger when they’re frighten or intimidated by other animals. But normally, they keep their sails down.

The cheetah is the epitome of agility, grace and speed. The fastest animal on land, these African big cats can run as fast as 61 miles per hour. This predator stalks it prey and then sprints and chases it, tackling it down with a bite. Cheetahs are facing problems with humans taking over the wide open spaces that they hunt and live in. there are a few thousand cheetahs left in the wild.

Since this animal is considered as prey to many predators in its natural habitat, pronghorns are built to be fast and easily out-sprint whatever predator is chasing them. With the ability to move at speeds of 60 miles per hour and keen senses, cautious pronghorns are able to see another day.

Blue Wildebeest
You might think that an animal that can reach an average weight of more than 200 pounds would have a hard time running fast, but blue wildebeest can pretty much sprint off and run from predators. Although they’re not as fast as pronghorns, they can still reach a good 50 miles per hour speed.

Another African big cat, these animals often prey on wildebeest and other smaller mammals in the African savanna. Unfortunately of wildebeests, lions can run as fast as they do. They can chase prey at speeds of around 50 miles per hour. It’s also not true that they can’t climb trees, because they easily can.

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