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Friday, January 2, 2015

5 Small but Dangerous Animals

Although the saying “don’t sweat the small stuff” often holds true, you might want to think it over when you’re around certain animals. Below is a list of animals that are small, but don’t let their size fool you. They’re one of the most deadly creatures on the planet. This actually makes them even scarier since you usually wouldn’t expect them.

Poison Dart Frogs
In the wild, bright colors usually mean that the animal is dangerous, and these colorful and flamboyant little hoppers are definitely no exception. A very strong toxin is secreted from their skins and is used by the indigenous tribe’s people in South and Central America on the tips of their blow darts, hence the frog’s name.  The deadliest amongst the species, the golden poison frog, is toxic enough to kill about 20 grown men and it’s only around 1.5 inches big.

Tsetse fly
These flies look very similar to common house flies in appearance. A big difference is that tsetse flies are basically vampires that feed on blood. They have large proboscis that they used to suck blood right out you. Since they feed on blood, they’re prone to transmitting diseases, specifically sleeping sickness or trypanosomiasis. There’s an estimated 300,000 people infected with this illness, which makes the brain swell causing a variety of problems.

Blue Ringed Octopus
We can’t get enough of this tiny fella. Adult blue ringed octopuses grow to an average of 5 centimeters, but they’re known to be one of the most venomous animals on the planet. Although they’re docile nature means that they often just run away to avoid trouble, they won’t hesitate to bite back when agitated or if you accidentally step on them. There’s no anti-venom for their bites, so best be cautious.

They’re not only annoying to our pets, but they can cause a lot of damage to humans as well. These puny, blood sucking parasites can spread diseases fast. Along with rats, they’re carried and spread the bubonic plague or Black Death, which killed roughly 50 million or about 60% of Europe's whole population in the 14th century. Cases of the Black Death still exist today, but it can now be controlled.

Indian Red Scorpion
Known to be one of the most poisonous scorpions on earth, the Indian Red Scorpion is definitely small but terrible. They reach an average size of around 50 to 90 millimeters, making them very hard to spot. They’re also found between the areas of India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, so make sure you shake your shoes out before wearing them if you ever visit these places.

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