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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

6 Animals Found in African Safari Tours

Africa is known for its vast landscape and the animals that live in it. Some people are lucky enough to visit this beautiful place and see the animals in their natural habitat. Below are the most common animals you can find in the African safari.

Known to be the king of the jungle, they’re the main attractions of any safari. During the day, you’re likely to see these big cats lying around and sleeping than actively chasing prey since they usually spend 20 hours a day resting. Since they’re social animals and live along with others in a pride, they’re very easy to spot.

 The biggest land mammal on the planet, you’ll definitely be awed when you see this majestic animal for the first time. They’re commonly found in the savanna, deserts, forests and woodlands, spreading across more than 30 countries in the sub-Sahara Africa. They’re peaceful animals, but it’s best if they’re left alone.

Another animal that’s easily spotted in any safari, the giraffe is known for their long, delicate necks. They’re the tallest animal in the planet, so you really can’t miss them when you’re out in the field. Because of their long necks, they actually have a special blood valve and veins that stops them from blacking out when they lower their heads to drink.

One of the big cats that prowl the safari, there are actually more leopards than African rhinos. However, they are a bit difficult to find since they’re fur is designed to help it bend into the safari. They commonly climb trees and stay there, using them to stay safe as they observe the surrounding.

Rhinos are divided into two species, the white and black rhino. The population of black rhinos has drastically declined over the past few decades, so it’s very rare to see these animals in the safari. White rhinos on the other hand are more common and can be seen in South Africa. They’re large animals and are best viewed from afar since they can have a bit of a bad temper.

A beautiful and rare big cat, they’re one of the fastest animals on land. They’re very agile and flexible, making them a top predator in the safari. Human occupation is one of the biggest threats to these animals since they have a preference for wide, open areas that are being converted into cattle grazing zones. They’re seen in the eastern and southwestern areas of the African safari.

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