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Saturday, January 10, 2015

7 Deadly Animals Found in Australia

Australia’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. It has everything from snowy mountain tops to a dessert and its diverse ecosystem houses a number of animals, some only found in the continent.  However, these animals are not all that friendly to tourist and the locals. In fact some of them are quite dangerous.

Box Jellyfish
This squishy jelly might not look dangerous, but it’s known to be one of the most deadly animals on earth. It’s commonly seen around the coast along the Great Barrier Reef. The venom coming from this jelly is so powerful that it causes terrible pain and often leaves fatal damage. Locals would use vinegar as first aid, so keep a bottle in case you’re going to this area.

One of the fastest and highly venomous snakes found in the continent, the taipan can strike you several times and injects its venom on you. They’re commonly found in sugar fields where they hunt rats and other small animals to eat. Taipans are identified with their dark brown color and are the biggest venomous snakes in Australia. Thankfully, these snakes are very shy and often stay far away from people.

Saltwater Crocodile
These animals are not only seen in Australia, but in Vietnam and Thailand as well. What makes them even scary is that they can grow to around 5.45 meters, which means that they can basically take anything down with ease. Another feature that saltwater crocs are known for is their ability to blend into their environment and strike in amazing speeds. They’re also known for the “death roll” which is a signature move they apply to their prey.

Blue Ring Octopus
Although they’re beautiful to watch because of their skin’s patterns and colors, blue ring octopus are actually one of the most toxic animals in the ocean and they are seen around the waters of the Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia. They’re as small as golf balls and their venom can cause motor paralysis, which eventually leads to cardiac arrest. There’s also no known anti- venom or cure of it.

Stone Fish
Camouflage is really the best asset of this animal. Stone fishes live in sea beds near corals and rocks where its color and looks fit in perfectly. They’re known to be the most venomous fish in the ocean and its venom can cause paralysis, shock and tissue damage. In some cases, victims needed to have their limbs amputated because of the damage caused.

Red Back Spider
Australia’s most well-known deadly spider, the red back’s venom can cause severe pain. However, there are very little known casualties caused by a bite. Although thousands are bitten by this spider, around only 20% of the bites need treatment. Children are the most common bite cases.

Tiger Snake
Commonly seen in the southern areas of Australia, these striped snakes generally keep away from people and would retreat when they get the change. They are, however, one of the most poisonous snakes in Australia and there is a 45% chance of death if bites are not treated. There is an anti-venom available thought.

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