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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Top dog costumes for 2013

bunny dog costume
No. 15 And of course, you can't forget the dog party (we read Playboy) bunny costume. We have to say, the dog chosen as the model does not look ready to party in any way.
sparkly mermaid dog costume
No. 16 If you're going to be a mermaid, it has to be a sparkly mermaid.
killer whale dog costume
No. 17 We've always loved the dog shark costume. Dog killer whale is even better, because killer whales are smarter than sharks.
Imperial Walker dog costume
No. 18 Finally, a costume for the big dogs - Imperial Walker.
No. 19 Giraffes have never looked so un-giraffe-like before.
prisoner dog costume
No. 20 If you're going to imprison your dog in a costume, do it without subtlety or nuance.

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