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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Top dog costumes for 2013 Part III

princess dog costume
Do you like to embarrass your dog in October? We're here to help - Wayfair.comhas announced the 10 most popular dog costumes for 2013. Click through the slideshow for the results. No. 1 Princess, for the dog who spends the day drooling all over the sofa throw pillows.
minion dog costume
No. 2 Minion, for the dog who agrees to dog costume changes with enthusiastic obedience.
dinosaur dog costume
No. 3 Dinosaur, for the dog who is the least ferocious-looking animal on the planet.
Gangster dog costume
No. 4 Gangster, for the dog who wants to wear bowties and little hats but has no intention of guarding the house or going after the family's enemies. 
Ewok dog costume
No. 5 Ewok, for the dog whose own cute, fuzzy ears are just not cute enough.
clown dog costume
No. 6 Clown, for the dog who loves shiny things
hippo dog costume
No. 7 Hippo, for the dog who was almost eaten by a hippo, but escaped at the last minute.

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