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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dog Sells at Nearly $2 million

We’ve all heard about dog breeds known as pets for the rich and famous. We see movie stars and business tycoons with their little toy dogs in designer doggy bags. However, the idea of an elite breed has been around for a long time.

In China, the Tibetan mastiff has always been considered as a status symbol for the wealthy. These dogs have been used to guard homes and temples for hundreds of years, and the Chinese have managed take good care of this dog’s heritage.

Recently in a "luxury pet" fair held in Zhejiang’s eastern province, one of these Tibetan mastiff puppies were sold for nearly $2 million in what could be considered as the priciest dog sale in history. According to Zhang Gengyun, a dog breeder based in the area, the pups are sired by the best mastiff studs and have a strong bloodline. He also mentions that there was one red-haired mastiff that was sold for around 6 million yuan.

Spending all that money for a dog might sound crazy, but these dogs are taken very seriously in China. Owning them means more than just having a loyal companion, it’s also a mark of power and wealth. Sending prices of these dogs have skyrocketed over the years.

This huge and sometime aggressive dog is one of the oldest breeds around. The Tibetan mastiff is known for their round manes which makes them look like lions, capable of growing 380 centimeters tall and weighing as much as a full grown man. What makes these dogs even more special how rare they are, another reason why they’re so expensive.

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