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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Top dog costumes for 2013 Part II

ghost buster dog costume
No. 8 Ghost Buster, for the dog who can't stop wishing it was the '80s again.
Lobster dog costume
No. 9 Lobster, an appropriate punishment for the dog who ate someone's fancy dinner off the counter last week.
yoda dog costume
No. 10 Yoda, for the dog who has no idea how grammar works. Click through the slideshow for more amazing dog costumes that we just can't resist.

hip doggie duck hoodie costume 
No. 11 This is called a "hip doggie duck hoodie costume," and that's really all the explanation it needs.
dog costume
No. 12 That's right, this is a dog dressed up as another dog. Which leaves open the possibility of a dog dressed up as a dog, dressed up as another dog. The possibilities are endless.
pirate wench dog costume
No. 13 There are several sexy dog costumes available this year. Pirate wench, for instance.
Barktoria's Secret dog costume
No. 14 Barktoria's Secret, anyone?

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