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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Billions Of Rasberry Crazy Ants To Invade Southern Texas, Species Is ‘More Powerful’ Than Fire Ants

Houston is bracing for an incursion by billions of hairy, six-legged intruders. The Rasberry crazy ant, egged on by warmer weather, is expected to emerge from its winter hibernation and overrun the southern Texas city, and 20 other counties surrounding it, within the next few weeks.
The Rasberry crazy ant, named for the exterminator Tom Rasberry who discovered the ants in 2002, are originally from South America but are thought to have arrived in the U.S. aboard cargo ships in the 1930s. CBS Houston reports that the ants are known for their erratic behavior and their penchant for getting into and ruining electrical equipment.

They’re also more destructive and harder to manage than their cousins, the fire ants. The crazy ant has been known to fight and kill fire ants, even outpacing them when it comes to collecting food.

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