Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lion-eating Chimps

Lion-eating Chimps are among the many myths involving wild animals, with tales of a giant ape that’s big enough and strong enough to overpower a lion told and retold to be prowling about in the jungles of the Congo.

Daktari, a children’s series which aired on CBS from 1966 to 1969, included a cross-eyed lion and a chimpanzee as the series’ mainstay characters, with the two somewhat standing as a contradiction to the more violent relationship being told about in the Bondo Mystery Ape or the Bili, the reported 8-feet tall chimpanzee responsible for attacking lions and other established jungle predators.
Locals have long been talking about a giant chimpanzee/ape playing a part in effectively lessening the numbers of the lion population, with the said mystery creature bearing long flesh-ripping teeth which could readily maim and dismember any creature which comes its way.

Researchers and experts, however, have long dismissed the existence of a giant lion-eating chimpanzee, yet the stories of the Bondo Mystery Ape still continue to be one that is often heard.

Somewhat contradictory to what biologists and zoologists know about apes, the Bondo Mystery Ape is said to be a predator with a penchant for meat. Given that apes are known to be omnivores, the concept of a predatory ape sounds a bit far fetched, but is not altogether impossible.

Also, the said giant lion-eating chimpanzee is revealed to “howl at the Moon”, much like how wolves are known to do. In fact, the story of the mystery ape has been liked with werewolf stories, given the physical similarities described to be found in a giant ape and a werewolf.

As a mysterious creature, the lion-eating chimps of the Congo remain to be as elusive as Bigfoot, with different theories and stories also known to link them as “cousins”.

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