Thursday, October 11, 2012

Can’t Get Enough of this Angry Cat, Colonel Meow

You may happen to hear about an angry dog, but what about an angry cat? Everyone might be able to
relate to a ‘smelly cat’ or a ‘purring cat’ or perhaps a ‘cuddly cat’, but this one is different, it’s an angry
cat, and oh boy, not just an ‘angry cat’ but already dubbed not just angry, but the angriest cat in the

Well, at first glance you would be entirely mislead to the idea of an angry and grumpy furry cat, but hold
on, this is just a moniker of a cute and lovable cat, Colonel Meow who has become famous for its fiery
and angry-look on Facebook with nearly 40,000 likes and still counting!
Colonel Meow
According to Yahoo News, “The cat's name is Colonel Meow and his owner is Anne Marie Avey, a 28-
year-old cat lover in Seattle who adopted Colonel from Petco last year after he was rescued from the
side of the road by the Himalayan and Persian Society.”

The frown on Colonel Meow’s face and the stare he makes at his owner is what makes him so lovable
and huggable. This is the irony in the most-used sense!

Avey told today as seen in Yahoo News, "I just wake up every morning and I can barely
think and I look over at him and he makes me laugh out loud.” "He's just staring at me," she said. "It's
one of those moments where every time I look at him I get a chuckle and I thought that should be
shared with everybody.

This prompted Avey to create a Colonel Meow Facebook Page. Although just for the fun of it, she

never imagined that Colonel Meow will stir up some following. The funny thing is that the FB page

has features and captions written on it, much referring to Colonel Meow’s own words, addressing his

followers as “minions”. Captions that were written by Avey were so amusing and witty like, “Behold,

Minions!”; “You had better made some food for me…or else I will destroy you, Minion!”

The waggish way and the touch of irony had made Colonel Meow popular with about 170,000 views in

Youtube alone for two weeks.

According to Avey"I am completely amazed! I’ve naively didn't know you could get so much attention

based on Facebook. I just did it for friends and family to see what we were up to everyday and get a feel

for Colonel. I thought it was a big deal when we were up to 166 likes and half of them were people I

didn't know."
Colonel Meow

Colonel Meow
Colonel Meow on Facebook-Video


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