Sunday, October 21, 2012

All Meat vs. all Dog Food Diets – Which is better for your Dog?

Our pet’s nutrition has always been a main concern. We want to make sure that our dog stays healthy, happy and in good shape. There are a lot of things to consider when picking out the right diet for our pet. Some people say that an all meat diet is the best way to go while others say that dog food is enough for your dog. Both diets have their pros and cons and it may be difficult to choose from one. Here is a short comparison between the benefits and downside of an all meat and an all dog food diet.
Dog Food Diets
 All meat

Dogs naturally eat all meat in the wild. They more or less have the same dietary need as humans however they need more meat and protein in their diet. Dogs that have meat based diets usually have shinier coats, strong muscles and bones and healthier jaws and teeth. Meat and bones also go along with each other and your dog will definitely enjoy chewing on a bone for hours on end. Some people recommend raw meat while others prefer to serve their dogs cooked and prepared meat. A downside of giving them this diet is the cost. Luckily, dogs don’t mind what type of cut or meat you give them so you can just purchase the most affordable parts and serve it to them, but this still gets a bit expensive over time. Some dogs are also not allowed to go on all meat diets, such as dogs that have degenerative myelopathy. You will also need to give them vitamins and supplements since meat doesn’t contain all the nutrients they need.

Dog food

Easy to serve and buy, dog food can be bought anywhere these days. Today, dog food formulas have become more complex and contain all the important vitamins and minerals your dog needs so you don’t have to give them food supplements anymore. You don’t have to prepare this and you can easily store in in a cupboard somewhere in your kitchen. Semi-solid dog food, like the ones you get in cans, are also easy to feed to dog. This makes feeding time for dogs that have mobility issues, like in cases of dogs that have degenerative myelopathy, easier. Price is more reasonable, but you should never feed your dog cheap dog food. The main down side of giving your pet dog food is that you don’t really know what the mixture is made out of. If you want to make sure your dog’s getting nothing but natural ingredients, it’s going to be difficult.

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