Friday, October 19, 2012

Hedgehogs: Not the Cuddliest, But Still Make the Best of Pets

There are certain qualities that we look for in a pet. These just serve as guide but not necessarily sticking
it out with the book. Some people decide to have pets for a purpose, and some for convenience. While
they may seem not to be the cuddliest of pets, Hedgehogs regardless of their spiny appearance can be
very affectionate and sweet, making them as great exotic pets.

Easily distinguished and set-apart because of their hard coat of stiff, sharp spines, Hedgehogs can be
helpful and dependable pets to have because they mainly require very low maintenance and very quiet
pets. In fact, no one would even have the slightest idea that you have one ‘til it is actually seen. They
just roam around and do some ‘sniffing’ which produces little to no sound at all. The Hedgehog was
named because of its strange foraging methods in search for food like insects, frogs, snakes and worms.
Usually, as it works its way during the hunt, Hedgehogs produce a pig-like grunt, obviously earning its
The spines of the Hedgehog are basically hollow hairs made stiff with keratin. Keratin, on the other
hand, is the key structural material, making up the outer layer of the human skin. What makes
Hedgehogs quite unappealing to other people to have as pets is because of the threat of their spines.
At first sight, their spines can be likened to that of the porcupine, but it is also interesting to note that a
Hedgehog’s spines are not poisonous and barbed and they do not have the ability to remove the spines
when they want it. However, their spines normally come out when a hedgehog sheds baby spines and
replaces them with adult spines. This is called "quilling". When under extreme stress or during sickness,
a hedgehog can also lose spines but not for purposes of threat and harm.

With 15 different Hedgehog species spread across Asia, Europe and Africa, more and more people have
learned to adapt a Hedgehog as pet to help in hunting down common garden pests. Their sense of smell
and hearing are strongest while their site is weak which makes them very reliable hunters of pests and
other insects. Some farm owners opt to have a Hedgehog to maintain a free-from-pest farm.

Like all other exotic pets, Hedgehogs require a specialized level of care, with proper feeding, housing
and cleaning in order to maintain healthy and happy lives. Although not the cuddliest, Hedgehogs may
just be the perfect pet for you!



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