Thursday, October 11, 2012

Introducing: The Blue-Tongue Skink

Reptiles come in many forms and kinds. Name it… Turtle, tortoises, snakes, alligators, crocodiles and
lizards top the list. If you are considering a reptile as a pet, what should be the perfect one? What are
the criteria in making that choice? A selective process is important and you can do some pencil-pushing
before finally making that important decision.

If you want a reptile that is trainable with equally high intelligence than most reptiles, then there’s one
that suits the preference well enough. It is rare to have a smart and thinking reptilian form however
there is one that is considered the most intelligent. It comes from the lizard family, originating in
Australia, no other than the Blue Tongue Skink. Sometimes called Blue Tongued Skinks or Blue Tongues,
these lizards recognize voices and even distinguish their owners. Blue tongues can be potty-trained and
habitually deciphers feeding schedules.
Blue-Tongue Skink
The exciting feature of this intelligent reptile is its prominent large blue tongue that is intended to
intimidate and threaten potential enemies. For pet lovers and exotic pet aficionados, the blue tongue
itself is a come-on, an attractive stimulus that harnesses every exotic keeper’s passion for the unusual,
mysterious and exceptional.

Most Blue Tongue Skinks are diurnal, meaning they are active most of the day, the exact opposite of
nocturnal creatures. Blue Tongues are ground-forging omnivores that feed on a wide variety of insects,
flowers, berries and fruits.

Quite large and smart enough to interact as well as easy to maintain only requiring low maintenance
costs, this lizard is the best to have of its kind and lives long enough up to 20 years in the wild, and could
reach even up to 30 years when it is in captivity.

When it comes to having fun with it, Blue Tongues are great to have, enjoyable to bring around at
the park for people to see. You can’t help attracting a crowd just by the sight of it. These reptiles are
beautiful, tame and great for kids to handle and take care, of course with adult supervision.

Before buying a Blue Tongue, be prepared for it. Search for places and pet shops where you can
purchase it from and figure out its history. It is best advice to have a captive bred Blue Tongue rather
than getting one which came directly from the wild. Captive Bred means these lizards are born and
raised in captivity. Quality captive bred Blue Tongues are great pets to have because they are docile,
tame and friendly.
Blue-Tongue Skink

Blue-Tongue Skink

Blue-Tongue Skink

Blue-Tongue Skink
 Blue-Tongue Skink Video

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