Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rescuing a 40-pound cat named Garfield

As obesity is a growing concern for humans, animals also have their share of weight-related problems, given the fact that being overweight leads to all sorts of conditions and health complications.

Garfield, an overweight orange tabby, would know a lot about the dangers of being overweight.

Recently brought to the North Shore Animal League, Garfield was brought to the center after his master’s demise. Weighing 40 pounds, Garfield is a big cat, much like the “Garfield” the comic-strip cat where he got his name from, though it’s difficult to say is the cartoon Garfield did weigh 40 pounds.

But comic Garfield aside, veterinarians at the North Shore Animal League are well aware of how large Garfield is, but tests and examinations reveal that the “abnormally large” cat is quite healthy, showing no signs of major health complications pertaining to his weight.

Unlike the recently departed Meow from New Mexico, Garfield outweighs Meow by a pound, and stands more of a chance in slimming down, with many hoping Garfield would fare better than Meow did.

Though tests reveal that Garfield is doing well for a 40 pound cat, the best treatment options geared to veer obesity-related complications away remains to be the current priority of the North Shore Animal League, in ensuring that Garfield gets the chance to live a fuller, more cat-happy life.

It’s not strange for animal shelters to take in cats with peculiar traits, and there have been stories when “peculiar traits” are the valued factors which lead cats into being successfully adopted.

For Garfield, being 40 pounds, it can be assumed that there are going to be a lot of interested would-be cat owners, and it has to be hoped that they’d be intent in keeping Garfield fit, trim and healthy, should they successfully get to adopt him.

Garfield 40 pound cat

Garfield 40 pound cat

40 pound cat

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