Friday, June 1, 2012

Part-Border Collies

Part-Border Collies as pets are still popular as domestic dog breeds, with the 1991 film Bingo being one good example of how popular part-Border Collies are.

Though not necessarily pure breeds, Borer Collie mixes or part-Border Collies are famed for their quirkiness, as a breed that comes from the mix of Border Collies which were once among the top working dogs of England.
 Part-Border Collies puppy
In certain pet circles, part-Border Collies are more favored over full breed Border Collies in relation to the Border Collie’s natural herding instinct.

The thing with this herding instinct is that it isn’t really as innocent as it sounds, since it’s not exactly about just herding sheep or herding cattle, but more on “herding in” flocks, with the driving instincts illustrated by wolves.

In simple terms, Border Collies have a built-in behavioral killing instinct trait in them, which they are inclined to succumb to.

Border Collies implement an “in herding” system, where a herder would “intimidate” sheep towards their master or any pinpointed location. If intimidation doesn’t work, nips and bites would be next, which tells much about how risky Border Collies can be if their temperaments are not properly looked after.

There has been a number of reports telling of stray or rouge Border Collies killing livestock in Australia, New Zealand and in Europe, and certain cases when an irate Border Collie would nip at their masters, in retaliation over something they sense as a threat to them, or in reaction to something which they perceive as “out of bounds”.

Given that this herding instinct is wired into a Border Collie’s genetic make up, part-Border Collies have diluted versions of that herding instinct, and if compared to their full breed cousins, part-Border Collies are more cool, calm and composed, with all the light sides of Border Collies, not necessarily with all its killer instincts intact.

Keep this Border Collie fact in mind when the opportunity to adopt one comes along your way.
Part-Border Collies

Part-Border Collies

Part-Border Collies picture

Part-Border Collies image

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