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Iguanas, when talking about looks, typify the image of monsters, with fire breaths and sinister eyes.

Given its monstrous looks, there really isn’t much to wonder why Hollywood opted to use an iguana as the character base for its 1998 take on Godzilla, Japan’s ever-famous monster-creature franchise.
First showing in 1954 in Japan, the 1998 Hollywood version of Godzilla starred Matthew Broderik, Jean Reno and Maria Pitillo and was directed by Roland Emmerich, featuring a re-take over the classic monster design of Godzilla, bearing similarities with iguanas.

However, far from their “monstrous looks”, iguanas are nothing like their ascribed looks would tell them to be.

In fact, they are generally the calmest of reptiles to have as pets.

Iguanas as Pets

Iguanas are doubtlessly one of the most popular types of lizards which are kept as pets, given the relative ease of their care.

For one, their feeding habits aren’t all that complicated to fulfill, and their tempers aren’t really all that foul, though they can be quite aggressive if not given proper care and attention.

Also, though many would think of them as venomous, iguanas are not venomous reptiles, though their bites, though rare when talking about bites inflicted on humans, can be painful as any bite can be.

In fact, in most pet iguana circles, the concern of Salmonella, found in the digestive tract in most reptiles, is ascribed to be the only major cause for concern when keeping iguanas, something which proper hygiene regimen can deal with and handle.

Bottom line, iguanas, though they appear to be sinister monsters, are nothing like the monster that Godzilla is.
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