Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Unfortunate Death of a Mighty Elephant

Sad news came from Kenya’s Tsavo East National Park. One of the most well-known African elephant bulls, Satao, was announced dead. Conservationists have been working overtime on making sure all the animals, especially the elephants, are safe. However, more and more poachers have also taken interest in these animals.

Satao was around 45 years old, but he could have lived longer than 60. Tsavo Trust and Kenya Wildlife Services, partner organizations that works together in the Park, wanted to be sure that it was Satao’s body they found before making any announcements. He was found by a sky patrol that was searching the nearby area. According to a press release from Tsavo officials, Satao was no doubt killed by ivory poachers using poisoned arrows. The ivory market has always been in high demand with buyers from far countries wanting their piece of the precious material. It’s sad to loss such a majestic creature for someone’s want to have an ornament on their table.
Because of his sought after tusks, conservationist have been monitoring Satao for the past 18 months. Unfortunately the patrol rangers who works with the park is very underfunded. They don’t even have the proper gear to combat the poachers. Poachers are also desperate to get the money they get with delivering ivory tusks to buyers and would go to extreme means to get them.

Although the death of their dear elephant has left the rangers and conservationist at the Tsavo Park with a heavy heart, they still continue their promise to do what they can to protect and help the animals that inhabit it.

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