Thursday, July 31, 2014

Abandoned Mall Turns to Koi Pond

Koiponds add a beautiful detail to any outdoor space. Some people invest a lot of money to have a giant koi pond build for their garden, but in the busy city of Bangkok, you can find a not so average pond that’s drawing a lot of attention to tourist and even locals.

About a two decade or so ago, the New World mall was built and is said to be one of the biggest malls during that time. However, the mall’s top floors didn’t get the approval from the original building permit so it was forced to shut down in 1997. After the 11 story building was abandoned, someone set fire to it leaving the structure roofless. The floor of the building ended up collecting rain water and flooded the space with water that’s a few feet deep. It seemed like there was no real use for it anymore and since there was water, the area became a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Locals from the nearby areas are said to have introduced the fishes to the pond to get rid of the mosquitos. They first added a few koi fishes and some large carp species, and to their surprise, the fishes actually strived and started breeding, turning the water-filled abandoned mall into a giant aquarium.

The area is actually closed off, but some people do manage to get into the building and take pictures of the magnificent hidden aquarium. The locals also help the fishes survive by feeding them.

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