Sunday, July 27, 2014

Three spiders proven to be not so toxic as what internet circulations claimed

Many information about toxic spiders have gone viral on the internet, published to be so fatal that could cause necrosis. The good thing is, this is written to warn people and to guarantee safety in case real venomous spiders are encountered. The bad thing is, some people who really did encounter these spiders and had been bitten, were so scared to death of what will happen to them after browsing the internet for information.

Australian white-tailed spider

At least it’s good news because one case claimed to have no sign of necrosis after being bitten by an Australian white-tailed spider, a known toxic spider which had a reputation for being so toxic it could kill a human who’s bitten. While the victim was anxious for his own safety, his doctor, Dr. Scott Weinstein, a toxinologist at Women's and Children's Hospital in North Adelaide, Australia has given him treatments and wrote the study after a month of observation in the absence of toxic effects. This new study is now published in the journal Toxicon for updates. 

Hobo spider

 It is also important that people should know so it won't lead to misdiagnosis and other negative effects and complications caused by fear to the victim.

Wolf spider

The three spiders that were wrongly accused are: The white-tailed spider, the hobo spider, and the wolf spider.

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