Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rain Frogs Look Cute

Frogs usually freak people out with their slimy skin and huge eyes, but some frogs are actually pretty cute, and it’s not the cartoon kind. Somewhere in South Africa, a certain species of frog resembles a cute squishy plush toy.

The Breviceps macrops, also known as Desert rain frog, has a round body, large eyes and short snout. They are distinguished from the other rain frog species in the area by their smooth venter that has a clear vascular window, a smaller basal subarticular tubercle found on their hand, a thick webbed feet which are used like paddles, exceptionally big and bulging eyes, absence of facial mask and it’s specific habitat. This specie is only seen in a narrow coastal area located in northwest Namaqualand.

They commonly grow between 4 to 6 mm. they are specialized burrowers that use their paddle-like feet to dig their way into the sand. What makes this rain frog look so cute is their eyes. They have huge, bulging eyes that make them look like a toy. Although frogs are known to leap from one spot to another, these rain frogs have very short and stout limbs that they can’t jump up. These frogs would just walk slowly to where they want to go. 

Brown and yellow are the most common color with these frogs, which is a big help since this helps them blend into their environment. These frogs also have unique individual markings that make them very easy to identify from one another. 

With over 10 million views, listen to the rain frog's thunderous croak here.

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