Sunday, December 9, 2012

Vegetarian Cats

Vegetarian cats have increased in number of late, if their populations can be effectively defined by the ready availability of vegetarian cat food products found in different specialty pet stores and even in grocery venues.

With vegetarian cat food products made with non-meat based ingredients, they stand to be the prime option for cat owners who are vegetarians, particularly vegetarians who wish to impose vegan mindsets on their pets.
Vegetarian Cats
If an ambassador for vegetarian cats should be named, Tiger from the American Tail animated series would be one likely candidate, given the fact that Tiger himself did confess to being a vegetarian cat. But as fiction is oftentimes not likely to reflect the current settings imposed by facts, the ideal concept of a vegetarian cat is not essentially as viable as one would think.

Cats, though defined as omnivores, are actually more inclined to be true carnivores, in the sense that they get a huge chunk of their nutritional dietary needs from meats with high protein content.

This kitty fact means that if a cat owner wishes to shift his or her cat’s diet to a more vegetarian inclined one, care has to be taken in looking into the protein content of what vegetarian diet would be given to the cat on a daily basis, since the cat’s natural constitution requires healthy servings of protein-rich foods.

Also, in reinforcing the search for protein rich vegetarian diet options for cats, the input of a professional veterinarian stands to be something which cat owners can not afford to ignore, given the fact that a cat’s overall well being should take place over his or her inclinations on what to eat.

Bottom line, should you be entertaining the thought of making a vegetarian out of your cat, care should be undertaken in ensuring that the protein they get from meals are adequate in keeping them fit and healthy kitties.

After all, there’s really not much point on imposing a vegetarian diet on a weak cat who is missing essential nutrients from his or her meals.
Vegetarian Cats

Vegetarian Cats
 Vegetarian Cats Video

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