Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bringing a Squirrel Monkey Home

Humans always share a special bond with animals, more so with primates because they are the closest to our kind. Its anatomy, physical make-up, characteristics and behavior undoubtedly is similar to ours. We are related in more ways than one, humans as Homosapiens coming from the family where monkeys, chimpanzees and apes belong.
Squirrel Monkey Pet
Perhaps, this is the main reason why we are so intrigued to keep exotic pets most especially monkeys. One of the most sought after monkey to bring home as pet is the Squirrel Monkey. Also called the “Death Head Monkey”, they are yellowish orange in color with white ears and white throat, accentuated by a black mouth. These colors on specific body parts (coat, ears and throat) have earned them such moniker. These monkeys are usually found in the rainforest’s of Central America. Their average size reaches to about 25 to 35 centimeters with a tail of 35 to 42 cm, making its tail longer than its body. Unlike other monkeys, the Squirrel monkey’s tail is not used for climbing and hanging on a tree but rather on balancing and working its way around the rainforest.

A Squirrel monkey is a bit shy, quiet and do not seem to socialize but are active most of the day while they sleep profoundly at night. It hangs and thrives on trees most of the time, an arboreal special but occasionally stays on the ground. Its thighs are shorter compared to their lower legs making them more capable in jumping from one tree to another. Fruits, insects, spiders, frogs and small birds are their regular meals and are at time picky.

If you want to keep a squirrel monkey as a pet, be ready! Yes, they look so cute and adorable and may be mistaken to be cuddly pets, but they are actually wild animals and love to stay outdoors, in the forest where it belongs. Bringing it home takes great responsibility. You will need a big enclosure where it can jump around. Taking care of a Squirrel monkey demands some time and attention. Most monkeys are mischievous, you know, so this means having one is liking have a teenager at home with some qualms. One has to understand that having a Squirrel monkey is no joke. They are free and high spirited in the wild, so be ready to cope with their energies and unpredictable behavior.
Squirrel Monkey pets

Squirrel Monkey pet
 Squirrel Monkey Video

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