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Tigers are known for being the biggest of the world’s big cats, bearing their trademark orange tabby-like patterns, as well as for its “albino” or white tiger variants.

The subject of the 2004 released film entitled Two Brothers, the movie starred Guy Pearce and it focused on the lifecycle of two tigers, two brothers, depicting the different life challenges tigers are subjected to in this day and age.
The movie did well in relating the harsh realities tigers are exposed to, a reality that is imposed on them by how human societies are getting more and more close to the tiger’s natural habitats.

Being the largest of the big cats, tigers are known to grow a large as 11 feet in total body length, with some weighing as much as 670 pounds, making them one of the top three largest land carnivore in the world, a status which follows after the Polar Bear and the Brown Bear.

Highly Endangered, the tigers were once considered as a “prize catch” among poachers, often hunted for their coats, along with different interests delving into the use of tiger body parts for medicinal purposes or for the creation of certain medicines.

In modern times, there are three known extinct tiger species which had met their end within the previous century. The Bali Tiger went extinct in 1937, while the Turan Tiger (also known as the Hyrcanian and Caspian Tiger) went extinct sometime in the 1970’s.

The Javan Tiger is also considered as an extinct tiger species, given the fact that the last of its kind was documented in 1979 with no other leads indicating that they are still around.

As large as tigers are, the threats which run their risk for extinction is far larger than them, thus the emphasis on keeping them protected from poaching and other illegal animal trade practices.
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Tigers picture

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