Thursday, December 20, 2012

Parson Russell Terriers

Parson Russell Terriers are typically mistaken for Jack Russell Terriers, though that “mistake” isn’t really all the politically correct, given that Parson Russell Terriers are actually Jack Russell Terriers, only different in the sense that Parson Russell Terriers are the confirmation show variety of Jack Russells.

Taking its name from John “Jack” Russell, the dog breeder credited for the dog breed, Parson Russell Terriers are defined as a small type of terrier, sporting a broken or smooth coat.
The 2009 comedy entitled Hotel For Dogs is one of the many movies which features a Parson Russell Terrier as part of its core cast members, with the story telling the tale of how two children had “adopted” slews of stray dogs, housing them in a vacant hotel.

Featuring a Parson Russell Terrier named Friday, the movie featured different dog breeds of all shapes and sizes, but it was Friday who played an important role in the film’s overall plot.

As a dog breed, the Parson Russell Terrier is essentially no different from Jack Russell Terriers, infamous for their athletic ability and robust stamina and physical constitutions. Their active metabolisms make them perfect as companion dogs for children too, and they are also known to easily adapt and adjust to other pets present.

In terms of their personalities, Parson Russell Terriers are known to be quite single-minded and strong willed, in the sense that once a Parson Russell Terrier sets its mind on doing something, it will and won’t easily give up it if it can’t.

Though popular as a household dog, the breed is quite notorious for eye problems, something which every Parson Russell Terrier pet owner should consider having checked from time to time.

For households on the lookout for a compatible companion dog for children and other pets, Parson Russell Terriers are great options.

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