Saturday, August 2, 2014

Giant Worm Found in Ecuador

When it comes to giant creatures, the first thing that comes to mind would be animals that we can find in the plains of Africa. However a recent discovery of an earthworm that was found in Ecuador shocked everyone when it when viral. We’re not talking about one of those earthworms that you can find in your garden. This one is about the same size of a snake.
The photo of the giant earthworm came from the site Project Noah, which is a forum where people can post photos of unusual animals that they find. For now, there is no update on the validity of the photo, or if the worm is even still alive. Many people online think that it’s a hoax and the photo was photoshopped, but some people did leave a few possible species that could match the giant worm. It’s said to be a giant specimen of the Martiodriluscrassus.
Other than helping to keep gardens really healthy and playing a vital role in the food chain, earthworms have also been known to be used as a delicacy. Entomophagy, or eating arachnids and insects for food, has long been a widespread practice all over the world. So places even sell them off the streets as snacks. It recently gained credit in the US as an alternative way to get your daily dose of nutrition. However, don’t get your hopes on eating a giant earthworm. Although famed worms are definitely safe to eat, wild worms could carry a number of parasites that can really mess up your digestive system.

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