Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Boy Finds Giant Salamander on his way to School

Japan is a land of strange and mysterious animals. Many pop culture icons, like Godzilla and Pokémon’s, can be attributed to certain wildlife species that can be found in this beautiful country. Not to mention their importance on conserving nature and keeping native species far off from the extinction list.
japanese giant salamander
A high school student from Kyoto named Yu was walking along his usual road to school when he saw one of Japan’s most mysterious animal, the giant salamander along the path near the river bank. According to the student, he was just walking and not paying much attention to the creature but when he got closer, it started moving. This is when he realized that it was a giant salamander. He took a short video of the creature and called to police to inform them about the animal, which they guarded as it made its way back into the river.

Japanese giant salamanders are the stuff of legends in Japan. It’s said that this animal is behind the legend of the Kappa, a Japanese water monster. The survival of these creatures is important for Japan’s heritage. Although they are found in a number of places in the country, it’s facing habitat loss, pollution, and over collection. In fact, its conservation status is already in near threatened. Local conservation groups and the government of Japan have been finding ways to help these giant salamanders to repopulate. Developers have created ladders in river dykes that can help them make their way up to their breeding grounds in the mountains.
giant salamander

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