Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Giant Spider Trapped in Car’s Headlights

Spiders are probably the most feared insects around. Recently, a photo of a giant spider went viral when a Reddit user posted a scary photo of a giant spider trapped inside his car’s headlights. The horrified Reddituser jokingly commented that he was going to set fire to his car but other scared him by saying that it could have been an exoskeleton since spiders molt and it could be somewhere inside his car.
There’s no news on what happened to the trapped spider or what kind of spider it was. However, it could have been a huntsman spider. These giant Sparassidae are usually seen in Australia however there are species found in other places such as India, Japan, the Philippines, China and tropical areas of the United States like Hawaii and Florida and areas near it such as Puerto Rico. They’re also called wood spiders, cane spiders and lizard-eating spiders, these spiders can basically thrive anywhere as long as it’s not too cold during winter and there are areas where there’s a lot of trees or wood that they can live in.

Adult huntsman spiders, although able to spin webs, don’t build them. Instead, what they do to survive is forage and hunt for food, hence their name. They mostly feed on insects, but their diet isn’t restricted to them. They occasionally eat small lizards and even birds. They commonly live in tree barks where they spend most of their time hunting, but there are times that they wander off to homes and even cars, which is properly why one got stuck in the headlights.

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