Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Giant Cat Takes Out Giant Lizard

Wild animals would do anything to survive, even take down another animal that’s usually bigger than they are to eat and even going into elements that they’re not really known to like.

Cat owners would agree that felines are just not big fans of water. However, the jaguars found in Brazil’s Pantanal Wetlands are actually quite fond of taking a cool dip into the pools and rivers. They’ve adapted to swimming very silently, catching fish and other prey in the water or by the banks and taking them away to eat in private. Jaguars run rampant in these areas and they feed on around 85 different species of animals.
A clip from National Geographic showed an astonishing footage of one of these big cats as it snuck behind a caiman, which are related to alligators, and pouncing on it. It then bites down on the caiman, targeting its central nervous system, and carries it away.

Traditionally, Camians are the ones who stay hidden and attack their pray by elevating their heads just slightly above the water’s surface and staking them. However, the roles are turned upside-down in this circumstance. Although the jaguar’s distinct spotted coat wasn’t really giving it any help in camouflaging against the riverbank, it’s extremely quiet and flexible moves helped it minimize the sound of splashing noises while it swam across the river to get closer to the caiman.

Although the caiman was about the same size as the jaguar, it did overpower and used its strong jaws to paralyze it.

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