Thursday, June 26, 2014

Giant Shark gets eaten by a Bigger Giant Shark

Researchers in Australia are now looking for a “mysterious giant sea monster” that ate a 9 foot long great white shark. They had previously planted a tracking device on the 9 foot great white to monitor its behavior, vital statistics and swimming patters. However, a few weeks ago, the 9 foot shark’s tracking device ended up on shore.
The researchers also noticed something strange. Analysis from the tracker showed that the shark suddenly experienced a rapid rise in temperature. It also swiftly dove down to 580-meters or 1,900 feet under the waves. Scientists explained that the sudden rise of 30 degrees from the shark’s original temperature is because it entered a different animal’s digestive system. The unexpected dive could also be described as the larger animal’s descent to the deep. After the shark disappeared, the tracking device was found about two and a half miles from the area where the great white was tagged.

Dave Riggs, a documentaryfilmmaker for "Hunt for the Super Predator", said that he was blown away with the data taken from the shark’s tracking device. Everyone started asking who, or what, could have caused the 9 foot shark to disappear. The answer is pretty simple. Naturally, smaller fishes get eaten by bigger fishes. According to the researchers, larger sharks were seen around the area where the shark disappeared. The also added that these sharks are so big that they could have easily eaten another great white shark and they’re also able to swim down to depths monitored by the tracker.

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