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Friday, February 14, 2014

The Top Furry Superstars of 2013 – Colonel Meow

In the past, cats were often depicted as the “bad guy”, as defined by classic cartoons like Tom & Jerry, and Looney Tune’s Sylvester, whose constant interest to have Tweety for dinner is very much well known to one and all.

Recent trends in pop culture have taken a new approach to cats though, but there are still lingering elements of “villainy” associated with cats.

Colonel Meow, one of last year’s top furry superstars, tends to fall in to the category of being a villainously loveable and adorable feline.

Based in Los Angeles, Colonel Meow lives with Eric and Avey Rosario, whose sole duties do not only cover regularly feeding him and providing him with fresh drinking water, but also includes regularly combing his hair at least three times in a week.

As a Himalayan and Persian Mix, Colonel Meow’s reputation online is very much solid, a standing that is backed by the fact that he is actually a Guinness World Record holder since he has the longest cat hair, ever.

With his hair strands measuring an average of nine inches, Colonel Meow’s hair is really long for a cat, one that remains to be unrivaled by any of his peers.

Essentially looking like the villainous cat of the olden days, Colonel Meow is not really bad guy as his looks would impress on those who first come by him, but is rather adorable and cuddly.

As one of last year’s top furry superstars, Colonel Meow easily stands out from the rest.

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