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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Top Furry Superstars of 2013 – Tardar Sauce

Within the ranks of last year’s top fury superstars, Tardar Sauce stands to be truly unique, donning a look that’s become her somewhat official name – Grumpy Cat.

Born in April of 2012, Tardar Sauce’s perpetually grumpy look has propelled her to international acclaim, made so by the countless memes and “photobombs” of her donning her trademark grumpy scowl.

Cared for by Tabatha Burndesen, Tardar Sauce is actually afflicted with
a rare condition known as feline dwarfism, to which she owes her unique looks and distinct appeal. While a condition like feline dwarfism is generally perceived as a downside in certain pet circles, Burndesen’s love for Tardar Sauce is certainly not bound by physical looks alone.

As one of the internet’s more easy to recognize cats, Tardar Sauce has a Facebook page where photos of her being her “grumpy” self can be found. She’s quite popular in the social network’s scope that her Facebook page actually has more than 1.3 million likes.

Apart from gaining a lot of attention online, Tardar Sauce has also appeared in the covers of glossies and newspapers. Her most talked about cover remains to be an of the New Work Magazine, and her biggest hit newspaper appearance is attributed to be her photo showing up in the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

Though more popularly known as “Grumpy Cat”, there’s really no moniker more apt for Tardar Sauce’s perpetually grumpy facial expression, a look that is, in the simplest of terms, just adorable, if not easy to love.

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