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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Top Furry Superstars of 2013

Pet owners are well-aware of how interesting a pet or a mélange of pets can be, at times even more interesting than hanging out with human beings.

With 2013 now well behind us all, we’re taking the time to look back and see who of the internet’s furry superstars proved to be at the top last year – furry superstars who’ve consistently captured the fancies of different pet and animal lovers from all parts of the globe.

From the grumpiest cat to the cat with the longest hair, each of the pets we’re featuring from here on hail from different pasts and backgrounds – with one even born before the heydays of the internet and cyberspace, dating back to the pre-1950s.

Though the odds of you already being familiar with the furry critters we’re featuring here stands to be a likely possibility – that’s, simply put, how popular they are – it’s a sure thing that you’ll find what we’ve gathered about Maru, Colonel Meow, Grumpy Cat and Hachiko sure to be of interest.

To be clear, Maru, Colonel Meow, Grumpy Cat and Hachiko are not the only furry superstars of cyberspace, but the four of them have accomplished a feat in successfully grabbing the world’s attention without having to do with shoddy advertising or marketing tricks.

“Featured” in countless memes and “epic fail” photos, it’s difficult to doubt their respective standings as superstars in the world of pets and all things furry.

So, to start things off this year, ladies and gentlemen, Animal Theory presents, the Top Furry Superstars of 2013.

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