Monday, December 16, 2013

The Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs – Plush Toys

As a holiday gift for one’s dog, a plush toy (or plushie toy) can be described as “uninspired”, considering how common they are.

But given the fact that dogs are easily drawn to plush toys, they have consistently stood out as one of the top doggy gift items, year in and year out – even with its “uninspired” labeling.

Plush Toys

From bone shaped plush toys to Christmas themed variations, dog owners are not liable to have any problems finding the right plush toy for their dogs.

Practically dominating all the doggy toys available in pet specialty stores and venues, the range of plush toys specifically designed for dogs covers different segments and product spectrums, even covering the specific for dog training variety and specific for doggy swimming sessions, with some even manufactured and licensed by major entertainment conglomerates and brands.

Some are even developed with doggy health related functions, mostly covering the more obvious aspects of doggy oral hygiene, designed to clean a dog’s gums and teeth.

But while the variety of plush toys for dogs is quite diverse (at times even confusing for dog owners), the top plush toy gift option remains to be the “squeaky” plush toy. This is seconded by the “snuggable” variety, with some plush toys known to infuse the more obvious design and toy aspects of squeaky and “snuggable” plush toys together in one item.

While a squeaky plush toy may be the source of annoyance for dog owners, dogs are sure to love them, through and through.

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