Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs – A Bone

As the holiday shopping season for gifts and tokens is well underway, dog owners from different walks of life have no reason not to give their furry best buds something special this year.

From a new dog house to new doggy treats, a bone stands to be one of the best gifts masters could give to dogs.

The Doggy Bone

From rawhide to plastic, each and every dog is bound to appreciate a doggy bone as a gift, even if the real bone variety (though care should be considered when opting for this as your dog’s gift) is being talked about.

Great for dogs to pounce on, to trash during engaging playtime sessions and at times even perfect as snuggle toys, doggy bones come in different shapes and sizes, with some known to measure as small as 4 inches as others are known to measure as big as 10 inches in length.

Though matching a doggy bone’s size with one’s dog is not an exact science, just about any doggy bone as gift would be perfect for any dog, regardless of age, size and/or breed.

Alternatively, a good doggy bone option can also be found in the snuggly fabric doggy bone variety, with some of these even made available in Christmas season color themes, perfect for dog owners who wish to maintain to seasonal themes.

Available in all pet stores and pet specialty venues, there’s no reason why you can’t give your dog a new doggy bone toy this year.

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