Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Best Holiday Gifts for Dogs – GPS Trackers/Collars

As a gift item, a GPS tracker/collar is not just one for dogs, but also one for their masters too.

Available in different shapes and sizes, the range of tracking features highlighted by a GPS enabled collar is also quite diverse, giving dog owners the option in picking out the right type that best fits with their dogs.

GPS Trackers/Collars

Dog owners whose dogs who tend to stray away from home for extended durations can rest easy with a GPS enabled dog collar, negating the cumbersome aspects of having to “manually” call out their dogs when they do get “lost”.

Photo credit: Snaptracs

Physically designed to fit and match with different dog breeds, there’s practically no limit to the types of GPS trackers/collars available for dogs, from toy dogs like poodles to working class dogs like bull mastiffs. Waterproof varieties are also available, a nifty option to opt for when talking about dogs who tend to be quick in diving into bodies of water.

Generally, GPS trackers can be configured to work on a set of operational givens, at times designed to blurt out alarms when a dog goes beyond a given perimeter or boundary.

Some GPS enabled dog collars are even designed to send their owners a text message when their dogs do go out of “safety zones”, giving them a real-time control aspect in properly seeing to the safety of their pets.

If your dog has the tendency to easily wander about just anywhere, a GPS tracker/collar is a solid holiday gift option.

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