Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Should there be limits in “Humanizing” Pets?

Questions in relation to the “humanizing” or “androgenizing” of pets have recently sparked, with reports of different business organizations based in different parts of the world offering for-pet versions of popular human inclined product, venue and service offerings.

From a “for-pets soup kitchen” in Berlin (which was made to accommodate the gastronomic needs of credit crunch-affected pets) to oxygen spas for pets in Tokyo, it seems that fitting pet-sized jerseys, dresses, shirts and ball caps are no longer enough for pet owners to sate their “humanizing the pet” endeavors.

There are now a number of parlors based in different parts of the world extending their services to include pets, with features like dyeing an all-white cat to sport giraffe patterns or dyeing big dogs to look like Tigers.

As there are different varieties of dog vitamins, dog food supplements, dog snacks and doggie treats, there are for-dog versions of human favored beverages, like Doggie Beer.

In Edmonton, Doggy Style Deli West specializes in serving meals for dogs, with Cheesy Chihuahua Pizza and German Shepherd Pie on the menu. You gotta admit, the concept is kinda is cute, but for a restaurant to specialize on meals for dogs, spotting a credible critic would be tough (nearly impossible, even). That plus the matter of who exactly pays for the bill.

But of all the many “humanizing of pets” indicators, Gang Dos Bichos in Sao Paulo Brazil raises the bar as a “love hotel” specifically for made for dogs.

Featuring air conditioned rooms, the venue’s room amenities would include access to “love inspiring movies” and lovemaking mood music. That, plus a heart shaped ceiling mirror – to complete the love hotel experience.

As much as pet owners love their pets, think the whole “humanizing” pets angle is getting waaay too overboard?

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